Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Martha ReidMartha Reid
Can’t recommend Mike enough
Can’t recommend Mike enough! Got me so much more confident while driving and taught me the new manoeuvres and sat nav driving within four weeks! thanks again for everything Mike!

Chloe CouplandChloe Coupland
Passed First Time with only 2 minor faults
I turned 17 in September and on Friday 17th November I passed my test with just 2 minors! Mike is the best instructor you could ever have as he puts you at ease and makes you feel safe through anything. I would highly recommend doing your lessons with him as they were fun and I will miss them!

Katie HucknallKatie Hucknall
Highly Recommending Mike
Mike is an amazing Instructor. He is a very friendly and chatty guy who helps put you at ease. He was very courteous about me being at University and would always fit me in when I was back at home. After just a few months I was ready fo my test and with only four hours of extra practice on the new driving test I passed with only 4 minors. I’d highly recommend Mike to anyone learning to drive as he can quickly fill you with confidence and turn you into a safe driver.

Alfie MountjoyAlfie Mountjoy
Extremely happy with Mike
I was extremely happy with Mike as an instructor and to be completely honest I couldn't fault him. He would always make me feel safe and reassured when I was partaking in a lesson and he was always up for a good laugh. He was 100% committed to helping me if a problem arose. I passed with mike with very few minors and I now feel very confident and safe when driving and that's all thanks to Mike. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering or undergoing driving lessons Alfie.

Kyle GreenKyle Green
Passed with 1 minor fault
Mike made me feel very confident, kept me positive when I failed. Just listen to him and you will definitely pass!

Heather PeersHeather Peers
Passed with just 2 minor faults.
My instructor was very calm and patient with me the whole time I was learning. From the moment I started lessons I felt very confident and comfortable. He always made me feel good about myself even when I found aspects of learning to drive tough, such as reversing around a left corner. He was determined that I would nail this manoeuvre and didn’t once give up on me or make me feel bad about myself when I couldn’t do it! I would recommend Mike to anyone because he really is a great instructor that filled me with the confidence that I needed.

James SingletonJames Singleton
Passed first time!
To Mike, A huge thank you for all my lessons and teaching me. From the first lesson I was comfortable with you and enjoyed having you teach me. With my previous instructors the first one was new and did not let me do any driving, just wanted to talk. Then I had three lessons with a man who retired. Then the only other instructor I would call an instructor didn't trust me. I am pleased that I found you and you trusted me. The book you provided and your devotion to your students, offering to help with their theory and being so flexible with your times. I am very grateful and happy that I passed first time. Couldn't have done it without you.