Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Ben KirkBen Kirk
Mike is very patient and understanding
I would recommend Mike to anyone that is wanting to learn how to drive. He is a very patient and understanding teacher. Mike helped me pass 2nd time after helping me improve on what I did wrong the first time.

Nadi JoshiNadi Joshi
Fab instructor with great patience
Mike is a fab instructor, he’s patient and understands things don’t always go right first time so he helps figure out what went wrong and does he best to help you improve. I am now a confident driver - mike made driving a pleasure.

William HartWilliam Hart
After failing my test twice, I was feeling a little down in the dumps, thinking I'd never pass this test, meanwhile all my friends were passing and racing around having the time of their lives. That's when my knight in shining armour shone through, Mike Peers. After just 4 lessons, Mike taught me a way to drive that suited me, asked me how I'd like to do things, and gave phenomonal feedback on every detail so I would be come a better driver. He never rose his voice towards me, never got frustrated and always kept calm, whilst still being able to keep up a good chat! I would 100% reccomend Mike to all drivers, whether they're just starting, or were in a position like me and just needed someone to show them another way, so 5 stars for you Mike, thank you so much!

Rhiannan BookerRhiannan Booker
Such a nice man
Mike is a great instructor and helped me pass FIRST TIME, such a nice man!

Cami WestonCami Weston
First Time Pass, Mike helped bring out my confidence
Mike is an excellent instructor who helped me pass first time! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good priced driving instructor that you can really get along with and that will help bring out your confidence in driving. Thank you Mike!

Niall JefferyNiall Jeffery
Struggled previously but passed first time with Mike
Mike is an excellent teacher, who listens and gives extremely useful feedback with great results.

Daniel PollardDaniel Pollard
First Time Pass after just 27 hours of lessons
I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone looking to learn how to drive. He is a easy to get along with guy and will teach you at a speed you are comfortable with. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and I believe anyone else who goes with Mike will too.

I achieved a FIRST TIME PASS after Mike boosted my confidence
I would absolutely recommend learning to drive with Mike. I started my lessons at the age of 37 as I was previously too scared to try! From the first lesson Mike put me at ease and boosted my confidence. He's extremely patient and helpful. After just seven months of learning I passed today first time! So I would like to say a massive thank you to Mike for helping me achieve this. If you learn with Mike I doubt you would be disappointed, such a pleasant person to have to teach you, also goes above and beyond for his pupils!

Chloe AustinChloe Austin
A faultless drive
Thank you to Mike for helping me pass with no minors, could not thank you enough to for being so patient and not always serious and making me more confident and also giving me those extra added lesson time to make sure I'd nailed it before the end of the lesson.

Adam CarnAdam Carn
Great coaching led to First Time Pass
Mike Peers is a fantastic, dedicated and patient driving instructor! He strives to push his pupils for a first time pass! When driving with him, I feel confident and comfortable due to his kind manor. I could not recommend him enough to anyone looking for a great coach/instructor.

Steven WilkersonSteven Wilkerson
Thoroughly Recomnend Mike
Would definitely recommend Mike for lessons as he is the best at what he does. Made me feel confident in my driving when I didn't. Thank you Mike

Aaron PrestonAaron Preston
An incredible Instructor
Mike is easy to get along with and an incredible instructor, he is patient and will give lessons and briefs in an easy to understand way. I passed second time with mike after he helped me with what I got wrong first time. I would recommend mike to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Samantha ChaseSamantha Chase
Should've started with Mike from the beginning!
I wouldn't have changed my driving instructor in any way at all, I just regret not starting my driving experience with Mike from the very beginning and not have wasted time on others and other companies. Mike did absolutely everything he could have done, if not more to make sure I am the confident driver I am today. I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone learning to drive. He makes you feel very confident and teaches you to be the safest driver around! The workbook helped me more than you think it would, definitely use it whenever you get spare time. I enjoyed the quiz section because I was able to test myself. The booklet itself does have great information and was useful to use when struggling on certain things. I am incredibly grateful for everything Mike has done for me, cannot thank him enough. Not to forget the handy workbook. I appreciate all the hard work Mike and the LDC company has done for me. I am now a free bird!

Ellie DolbyEllie Dolby
First Time Pass all down to Mike
Mike is a really nice guy who gives great advice. I passed first time. All down to him. Brilliant!

Lisa FisherLisa Fisher
Definately recommending Mike
Mike was a very approachable instructor, with the patience of a saint. He helped me become more confident with my driving and pass on my second attempt with only four Minors! Would definitely recommend.

Connor PattinsonConnor Pattinson
Passed first time with only 3 minors!
I started having driving lessons with Mike after my first driving instructor, who was with the LDC driving school franchise, took early retirement. My lessons with Mike have been very helpful in regaining my confidence in my driving, especially after not been driving for a few years. The LD system, consisting of workbook and videos, have been very useful towards helping me complete my lessons to a high standard and they show a breakdown of what needs to be learned to pass the theory and practical tests.

As I student with Autism, I found Mike’s help and expert tuition very constructive and beneficial towards my theory and practical tests, which I passed first time for both. Mike was always calm and patient and nothing was too much trouble for him to explain things. Myself and my parents cannot thank Mike enough for all the help and support he has given me and I wish him well for supporting any future students that have Autism/Dyslexia or similar conditions. Many Thanks.

Martha ReidMartha Reid
Can’t recommend Mike enough
Can’t recommend Mike enough! Got me so much more confident while driving and taught me the new manoeuvres and sat nav driving within four weeks! thanks again for everything Mike!

Chloe CouplandChloe Coupland
Passed First Time with only 2 minor faults
I turned 17 in September and on Friday 17th November I passed my test with just 2 minors! Mike is the best instructor you could ever have as he puts you at ease and makes you feel safe through anything. I would highly recommend doing your lessons with him as they were fun and I will miss them!

Katie HucknallKatie Hucknall
Highly Recommending Mike
Mike is an amazing Instructor. He is a very friendly and chatty guy who helps put you at ease. He was very courteous about me being at University and would always fit me in when I was back at home. After just a few months I was ready fo my test and with only four hours of extra practice on the new driving test I passed with only 4 minors. I’d highly recommend Mike to anyone learning to drive as he can quickly fill you with confidence and turn you into a safe driver.

Alfie MountjoyAlfie Mountjoy
Extremely happy with Mike
I was extremely happy with Mike as an instructor and to be completely honest I couldn't fault him. He would always make me feel safe and reassured when I was partaking in a lesson and he was always up for a good laugh. He was 100% committed to helping me if a problem arose. I passed with mike with very few minors and I now feel very confident and safe when driving and that's all thanks to Mike. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering or undergoing driving lessons Alfie.

Kyle GreenKyle Green
Passed with 1 minor fault
Mike made me feel very confident, kept me positive when I failed. Just listen to him and you will definitely pass!

Heather PeersHeather Peers
Passed with just 2 minor faults.
My instructor was very calm and patient with me the whole time I was learning. From the moment I started lessons I felt very confident and comfortable. He always made me feel good about myself even when I found aspects of learning to drive tough, such as reversing around a left corner. He was determined that I would nail this manoeuvre and didn’t once give up on me or make me feel bad about myself when I couldn’t do it! I would recommend Mike to anyone because he really is a great instructor that filled me with the confidence that I needed.

James SingletonJames Singleton
Passed first time!
To Mike, A huge thank you for all my lessons and teaching me. From the first lesson I was comfortable with you and enjoyed having you teach me. With my previous instructors the first one was new and did not let me do any driving, just wanted to talk. Then I had three lessons with a man who retired. Then the only other instructor I would call an instructor didn't trust me. I am pleased that I found you and you trusted me. The book you provided and your devotion to your students, offering to help with their theory and being so flexible with your times. I am very grateful and happy that I passed first time. Couldn't have done it without you.